Featured Elected Officials

Mike Fitzgerald, Iowa State Treasurer

Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General

Rob Sand, Iowa State Auditor

Zach Wahls, Iowa Senate Minority Leader

“Congress needs people who not only listen, but who take the concerns they’re hearing from Iowans and turn them into action. That’s who Liz Mathis has been her entire life, and that’s why I need her working with me in Congress to deliver for Iowans. I’m proud to call her a friend and can’t wait to call her a colleague.”

Cindy Axne, Congresswoman IA-03

“Northeast Iowa deserves a seasoned, well-rounded representative who has demonstrated that she will reach across the aisle to get things done. In her 10 years in the Iowa State Senate, Liz Mathis has proven herself to be that kind of legislator.”

Dave Loebsack, Former Congressman IA-02

Jennifer Konfrst, Iowa House Minority Leader

Sharon Gonzalez, Linn County Treasurer

Ben Rogers, Linn County Supervisor

Stacey Walker, Linn County Supervisor

Andrew Wenthe, Fayette Mayor

Rita Hart, Former State Senator

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“Liz Mathis understands the value of hard work and has a track record to prove it. We need people like Liz Mathis in Congress to stand up for the hard working families across Iowa and fight the constant attempts to roll back workers’ rights. AFSCME is proud to endorse Liz Mathis for Congress and we look forward to working alongside her when she gets to Washington.”

AFSCME Council 61 President Rick Eilander

“The leadership from IBEW Locals across Iowa have come together and unanimously voted to endorse Liz Mathis. Liz’s long track record of leadership on behalf of working men and women makes her the clear choice to represent Iowa’s 2nd District in Washington. At a time when record numbers of union members are standing together to demand fair wages, good benefits, and safe working conditions, Liz will be the champion Iowa’s workers need.”

IBEW Iowa State Conference President Patrick Wells

“State Senator Liz Mathis has been a champion for prioritizing Iowa’s agricultural communities in our climate solutions throughout her career in the state legislature. We know she will continue to fight for clean energy and a strong democracy for all communities and we could not be more excited to support her campaign for Congress.”

LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld
  • Patty Judge, Former Iowa Lt. Governor
  • Sally Pederson, Former Iowa Lt. Governor
  • Abby Finkenauer, Former Congresswoman, IA-01
  • Bruce Braley, Former Congressman, IA-01
  • Christie Vilsack, Former Iowa First Lady
  • Tony Bisignano, Iowa State Senator
  • Joe Bolkcom, Iowa State Senator
  • Claire Celsi, Iowa State Senator
  • Bill Dotzler, Iowa State Senator
  • Eric Giddens, Iowa State Senator
  • Rob Hogg, Iowa State Senator
  • Pam Jochum, Iowa State Senator
  • Kevin Kinney, Iowa State Senator
  • Jim Lykam, Iowa State Senator
  • Janet Petersen, Iowa State Senator
  • Amanda Ragan, Iowa State Senator
  • Jackie Smith, Iowa State Senator
  • Todd Taylor, Iowa State Senator
  • Sarah Trone Garriott, Iowa State Senator
  • Ako Abdul-Samad, Iowa State Representative
  • Marti Anderson, Iowa State Representative
  • Liz Bennett, Iowa State Representative
  • Christina Bohannan, Iowa State Representative
  • Wes Breckenridge, Iowa State Representative
  • Timi Brown-Powers, Iowa State Representative
  • Sue Cahill, Iowa State Representative
  • Molly Donahue, Iowa State Representative
  • Tracy Ehlert, Iowa State Representative
  • John Forbes, Iowa State Representative
  • Ruth Ann Gaines, Iowa State Representative
  • Eric Gjerde, Iowa State Representative
  • Chris Hall, Iowa State Representative
  • Steve Hansen, Iowa State Representative
  • Bruce Hunter, Iowa State Representative
  • Chuck Isenhart, Iowa State Representative
  • Dave Jacoby, Iowa State Representative
  • Lindsay James, Iowa State Representative
  • Bob Kressig, Iowa State Representative
  • Monica Kurth, Iowa State Representative
  • Mary Mascher, Iowa State Representative
  • Charlie McConkey, Iowa State Representative
  • Brian Meyer, Iowa State Representative
  • Amy Nielsen, Iowa State Representative
  • Rick Olson, Iowa State Representative
  • Todd Prichard, Iowa State Representative
  • Kirsten Running-Marquardt, Iowa State Representative
  • Art Staed, Iowa State Representative
  • Kristin Sunde, Iowa State Representative
  • Phyllis Thede, Iowa State Representative
  • Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, Iowa State Representative
  • Dave Williams, Iowa State Representative
  • Cindy Winckler, Iowa State Representative
  • Mary Wolfe, Iowa State Representative
  • Joan McCalmant, Linn County Recorder
  • Linda Laylin, Black Hawk County Supervisor
  • Tom Little, Black Hawk County Supervisor
  • Craig White, Black Hawk County Supervisor
  • Chris Schwartz, Black Hawk County Supervisor 
  • Tony Thompson, Black Hawk County Sheriff
  • Tyler Olson, Cedar Rapids City Council
  • Ann Poe, Cedar Rapids City Council
  • Sharon Juon, Waterloo City Council
  • Ashley Vanorny, Cedar Rapids City Council
  • Dale Todd, Cedar Rapids City Council
  • Pat Loeffler, Cedar Rapids City Council 
  • Will Brandt, Marion City Council 
  • Colette Atkins, Marion City Council
  • Eldy Miller, Ely Mayor
  • Kay Hale, Ely City Council 
  • Judy Wery, Ely City Council
  • Ben Symonds, Ely City Council  
  • Dick Olson, Hiawatha City Council 
  • Aime Wichtendahl, Hiawatha City Council
  • Rob Archibald, Hiawatha City Council 
  • Bill Mulholland, Bertram City Council 
  • Chuck Hinz, Robins Mayor 
  • Dick Pilcher, Robins City Council
  • Bob Dvorsky, Former Iowa State Senator
  • Mike Gronstal, Former Iowa State Senator
  • Beverly Hannon, Former Iowa State Senator
  • Bill Heckroth, Former Iowa State Senator
  • Wally Horn, Former Iowa State Senator
  • Bob Rush, Former Iowa State Senator
  • Brian Schoenjahn, Former Iowa State Senator
  • Steve Sodders, Former Iowa State Senator
  • Nate Willems, Former State Senator
  • Swati Dandekar, former State Senator 
  • Tod Bowman, former State Senator 
  • Roger Stewart, former State Senator
  • Deborah Berry, Former Iowa State Representative
  • Ro Foege, Former Iowa State Representative
  • Doris Kelley, Former Iowa State Representative
  • Andy McKean, Former Iowa State Representative
  • Bob Osterhaus, Former Iowa State Representative
  • Patti Ruff, Former Iowa State Representative
  • Mark Smith, Former Iowa State Representative
  • Sally Stutsman, Former Iowa State Representative
  • Jane Teaford, Former Iowa State Representative
  • Roger Thomas, Former Iowa State Representative
  • William Witt, Former Iowa State Representative
  • Nancy Dunkel, former State Representative 
  • David Osterberg, former State Representative 
  • Gene Ficken, former State Representative 
  • Deo Koenigs, former State Representative 
  • John Beard, former State Representative
  • Jane Teaford, former State Representative
  • Lee Clancey, Former Cedar Rapids Mayor
  • Brent Oleson, Former Linn County Supervisor
  • Linda Langston, Former Linn County Supervisor
  • Scott Brennan, Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair
  • Andy McGuire, Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair
  • Sue Dvorsky, Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair
  • Roxanne Conlin, Former U.S. Senate Candidate
  • Theresa Greenfield, Former U.S. Senate Candidate
  • Monica Vernon, Former Congressional Candidate
  • Deidre DeJear, Former Candidate for Secretary of State
  • Tim Gannon, Former Candidate for Secretary of Agriculture
  • Christian Andrews, former Statehouse Candidate
  • Eric Stromberg, former Statehouse Candidate
  • Shari Flatt, Community Leader
  • Jen Neumann, Community Leader
  • Amy Reasner, Community Leader
  • Bill Stumpf, Disability Rights Activist
  • Kyle Stumpf, Disability Rights Activist
  • Danny Homan, Retired President of AFSCME Council 61