IA-01: Mathis set to clear Democratic field

Less than a week after launching her Congressional campaign, State Senator Liz Mathis has eliminated any chance of serious competition for the Democratic nomination in the first district.

Mathis announced support last week from more than 100 well-known Iowa Democrats, including all recent U.S. House representatives, every current statewide official, and 48 current state legislators. It’s not just the number of endorsements that will discourage others who may have considered running for Congress in northeast Iowa. Prominent voices representing all wings of the Democratic Party are behind Mathis.

Mathis is expected to face U.S. Representative Ashley Hinson in the 2022 general election. Republicans may have an open race for the IA-01 nomination if Senator Chuck Grassley retires and Hinson runs for U.S. Senate instead of for re-election.

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