CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA–Senator Liz Mathis and Rep. Ashley Hinson faced off in the first debate in Iowa’s Second Congressional District Race. The debate was hosted by KCRG.

In response to the first debate Mathis’ Campaign Manager Anna Brichacek released the following statement: 

“Liz Mathis is the obvious winner of tonight’s debate. Iowans saw a leader they could trust to lower prices for working families and ensure workers are treated fairly. She is a strong contrast to Ashley Hinson who says one thing in Iowa and votes to harm Iowans in Washington D.C. Tonight, Iowans saw through Hinson’s facade and discovered who she really is – an extremist who wants a nationwide ban on abortion without exceptions in cases of rape, incest and when the life of the mother is at risk.With Hinson’s threats to cut social security and Medicare benefits if reelected, it’s clear Liz Mathis is the right choice for Iowans in November.”

ICYMI: Four key moments from the debate. 

Abortion Rights

In the opening moments of the debate, Mathis swings at Hinson for lying about her extreme voting record on abortion. Mathis cites Cedar Rapids Gazette and KCRG fact checks that both validated Hinson sponosored a bill for a nationwide ban on abortion without exceptions in cases of rape, incest and when the life of the mother is at risk. Mathis promises to “codify Roe v Wade in Washington, so Ashely Hinson won’t be making healthcare decisions for you.”

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Hinson Hypocrisy 

Mathis points out Hinson’s track record of telling Iowans one thing at home, but voting against Iowan’s best interests in Washington and then taking credit for projects due to other legislators’ yes votes and hard work. Mathis says, “It’s not the Iowa way.”

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Infrastructure Bill

Mathis doesn’t let Hinson off the hook for voting no on the bipartisan infrastructure bill that is bringing $5 billion in Iowa taxpayer money home to fix roads, bridges and lock and dam infrastructure and expand broadband.Hinson called the bill “Washington gamesmanship at its worst and a socialist spending spree” and then took credit for funding from the bill for a lock and dam project she called “game changing,” earning her negative national press and attacks on Twitter that went viral. 

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Mathis calls out Hinson for going to the border for photo ops but refusing to work across the aisle to bring forth legislation for complete immigration reform and a legal path to citizenship. 

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The second debate between the candidates is scheduled for October 18 at 7 p.m. and hosted by Iowa Public Television.